SitePoint's online learning library is available at a special price now


A lifetime subscription to SitePoint Premium Tech Courses is currently being offered for the specially reduced price of $39.99 in the Boing Boing Store.

Whether you’re a beginner trying to get acquainted with mobile and web development, or a creative pro looking to learn some new tricks, SitePoint has a curated library of over 400 ebooks, courses, and screencasts. Their instructional material stays up-to-date with the latest web technology, including WordPress and JavaScript frameworks like React and Angular. To help you round out your skill set, it features dedicated sections for UX design and native iOS development, as well as several handy guides on developer workflow with Git and other version control systems.

You usually have to pay a monthly fee to access SitePoint. But when you buy a subscription through the Boing Boing Store, you get full access for $39.99 for as long as they're active.

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