Miami Police Union President Javier Ortiz, who harassed woman on Facebook, promoted to Captain

Do a Google search on Javier Ortiz and Miami and you'll read about a cop who has gotten in trouble numerous times for things that would get most people fired or jailed. But Lt. Ortiz, president of the Miami Police Union, just got promoted to Captain.

From The Week:

In March, City of Miami Police Lt. Javier Ortiz was stripped of his gun, temporarily suspended, and forced to do desk work after a county judge granted a restraining order against him by a woman he'd harassed on Facebook. Over the last few years, Ortiz had also posted racially inflammatory content on social media, allegedly written improper police reports, and received several use-of-force lawsuits.

On Wednesday, he was promoted to the role of captain, the Miami New Times reports.

From Miami New Times:

MPD Chief Rodolfo Llanes did not respond to a message from New Times asking why he signed off on promoting the most controversial cop in Miami-Dade. But Ortiz's promotion is simply a sign that the most rudimentary police-accountability protocols at MPD don't work at all. Ortiz garners so much bad press that many cops in his own union are sick of his conduct, anonymous police forums such as LEO Affairs are full of complaints about Ortiz, and other officers have anonymously complained to New Times over the years about how poorly he paints the force in the media.

Image: BBC