Floating cities "take shape"

Once the science-fiction future of entrancing Usborne books, latterly the mad fantasy of rich people who dislike taxes and laws, floating cities are taking shape.

Seasteading is more than a fanciful hobby to Mr. Quirk and others involved in the effort. It is, in their minds, an opportunity to rewrite the rules that govern society. "Governments just don't get better," Mr. Quirk said. "They're stuck in previous centuries. That's because land incentivizes a violent monopoly to control it."

No land, no more conflict, the thinking goes.

Looking forward to Imagine (Libertarian Mix) hitting number 1!

Imagine there's no taxes
It's easy if you float
No land below us
On our enormous boat

Imagine people living for yesterday
Feudalism without countries
It isn't hard to do¹
No government to pay for
And no age of consent too

1. For billionaires