Above the Law's template for reporting on Donald Trump's stupid, doomed legal threats, of which there are so, so many

Donald Trump's legal threats against Fire and Fury publishers Macmillan, USA are merely the latest in the series of absurd, unwinnable, doomed legal threats to emanate from Donald Trump, who is an idiot.

His dumb legal threats are so routine that Above the Law has developed a template for writing about them. As someone who writes about a small subsection of these threats, I certainly feel their pain,

Title: Trump Files [name of legal document], It Is [synonym for "dumb"]

Lead: The Trump administration today made another frivolous claim. [Name of idiot Trump lawyer this time] filed a [name of document] against [target]. It is unlikely to succeed.

Blockquote: [From document or WaPo or NYT story about document]

Analysis: Administration officials think [whatever Breitbart is saying]. In reality, [the opposite of what Breitbart is saying].
Commentary: [Explain how document is normally used.] [Criticize Trump lawyers for being bad.] [Criticize Trump for being racist/sexist/Hitler, as needed.] [Make tortured analogy.]

Kicker: We're all going to die.

Yes, The Trump Cease & Desist Letter Over The Bannon Book Is Stupid [Elie Mystal/Above the Law]

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