Clitter is glitter of sparkly vulvas, boobs and ovaries

Los Angeles-based artist Veronica Moonhill thought it was crazy that she and her girlfriends were celebrating dicks at her bachelorette party.

She writes:

There we were, a bunch of fabulous women speaking our truths and drinking wine, when I looked up and realized we were surrounded by dicks: penis straws, penis lollipops, pin the junk on the hunk and of course penis confetti. I thought, "Why are a bunch of powerful ladies sitting around celebrating dicks? That's insane! It's time we started celebrating VAGINA's!"

I Googled it and was astonished. There was pretty much no vagina confetti, or vagina paraphernalia of any kind. So that night, surrounded by plastic penises and my favorite women, the idea for Clitter was born.

She describes her shiny little breasts, vulvas, and ovaries as "pussy powered confetti."

Clitter is available on Kickstarter (where it's already gone well past its goal).