Documentary on the DRM-breaking farmers who just want to fix their tractors, even if they have to download bootleg Ukrainian firmware to do it

Motherboard's short documentary, "Tractor Hacking: The Farmers Breaking Big Tech's Repair Monopoly" is an excellent look at the absurd situation created by John Deere's position that you can't own your tractor because you only license the software inside it, meaning that only Deere can fix Deere's tractors, and the centuries-old tradition of farmers fixing their agricultural equipment should end because Deere's shareholders would prefer it that way.

The video delves into the weird world of bootleg Ukrainian firmware hacks for tractors, too.

The US Copyright Office is entertaining petitions to create exemptions to the law that bans breaking DRM, even for lawful purposes and farmers are going back to the agency, demanding the right to fix their own tractors and make hay while the sun shines.