"Impossible" supermoon photo debunked

Peter Lik is one of the world's most successful photographers. He reportedly works in-camera and without significant compositional retouching. But he appears to have been caught with his shoop down. The tl;dr, as Steve Cullen has it: a recent moon shot has a perfectly spherical disc when at that resolution mountains would be visible on its horizon; it's impossible to get that particular angle on the moon from the place where the photograph was taken; and, haha, the same moon shot is already in an earlier composition.

Here's the bottom line: I don't believe that the moon in either of Lik's photographs was there when the picture was taken. I am not saying there couldn't be a moon in his raw images, it just is not the moon we see in the final works. … At the end of the day, photography is an art form and there certainly are many interpretations about what is right or wrong and good or bad. I believe what the folks are asking for from Lik and his associates is for them to speak the truth about the work, whatever that truth may be. Nothing more and nothing less.

It's funny because the photo seems so obviously shopped. We think we can tell by the pixels, it's the cold cruel harmony of the spheres that shows it.

I can't help but feel Peter left something out…