Procedurally-generated hairy balls

Etienne Bouteille made a twitter bot that "renders hairy balls" every three hours. They're not naughty, unless you benefit from extraordinarily versatile perversions, but they are all very hairy and very balls.

Check out Etienne's guide to creating similar bots with Blender and a Raspberry Pi.

In total the system is composed of four different parts :

A Blender file — It contains your beautiful composition, material, lighting, etc.

• A script to run in Blender — This is were you will add procedural elements for your bot, that will be different in every picture

• A script to post your images on twitter — No point in rendering images if you don't post them! This script will do that for you.

• The "crontab" — This is a little file on your Pi that will run your script at regular intervals