This nostalgic iPhone case turns your smartphone into a retro arcade

Today's video games are technological marvels, boasting life-like graphics and immense open worlds. But, there's still something to be said about the games we played when we were younger, like Tetris and Snake. While not nearly as advanced as today's triple-A titles, nostalgia alone makes them a treat to play every now and again, and it's in this same retro spirit that the Wanle Gamers Console For iPhone was created.

This iPhone case turns your smartphone into an old-school gaming handheld, with ten classic games like Tetris, Tank, Snake, Formula One Racing, and more pre-installed. Its ultra-slim design cuts down on bulk, while the raised buttons make gaming more accessible and help protect against bumps and falls in combination with its hard plastic construction.

The Wanle Gamers Console For iPhone is available in the Boing Boing Store today for $33.99.