Count Dankula convicted for Nazi pug antics

YouTuber Count Dankula turned his girlfriend's pug into the star of several Hitler and Holocaust jokes. He was arrested, charged under hate crime statutes, and convicted yesterday.

Via Newsweek:

Following a trial at Airdrie Sheriff's Court in Scotland, the 30-year-old has now been convicted of a hate crime and could face jail when he is sentenced at the same court on April 23.

Sheriff Derek O'Carroll told the court: "The accused knew that the material was offensive and knew why it was offensive. He would have known it was grossly offensive to many Jewish people."

In addition to training the pug to salute when he said "sieg heil," he filmed the dog while he played Hitler speeches and asked the pug "you want to gas the Jews?" at least a dozen times.

Sometimes I imagine Ben Franklin or Socrates time traveling to today and reading a headline like this. What a weird timeline we're in.

YouTuber Count Dankula who taught dog Nazi salute faces jail for hate crime (Newsweek)