Explore today's top machine learning tools in this bundle

Machine learning is all around us. From Google's search engines to Tesla's self-driving cars, this field powers many of today's AI innovations, and, as more of these products find their way into the mainstream, understanding how they work is going to be a valuable skill. Regardless of your experience level, the Pay What You Want: The 2018 Machine Learning Bundle can walk you through this field and the tools that power it, all for a price you choose.

Here's how the deal works: Simply pay what you want, and you'll instantly unlock one of the collection's 10 resources. Beat the average price paid, and you'll get the remaining nine at no extra charge. Plus, if you beat the leader price, you'll be entered into a major giveaway and earn a spot on the leaderboard.

This comprehensive collection features six e-Books and 10 hours of course content on machine learning and the tools that drive it forward, like Python, TensorFlow, and Apache Spark. From building machine learning algorithms to creating neural networks using Python libraries, this collection is loaded with content to broaden your technical skills and help you pursue a career in this booming field. Check it out in the Boing Boing Store.