Star of racist deli rant identified as Trump-donating NYC lawyer Aaron Schlossberg

Edward Suazo recorded and posted a video of a white man harassing his wife and the cashier at a NYC deli; the Caucasian fellow was triggered by hearing people speaking in Spanish, prompting him to loudly, grossly insult several strangers, accusing them of being undocumented immigrants and vowing to have them deported.

The man also accused his victims of being on welfare, and complained that their benefits came out of his taxes.

The man was subsequently identified as a New York City lawyer named Aaron Schlossberg, whose nearby firm advertises that he speaks Spanish fluently.

An open records check reveals that Schlossberg donated $500 to the Donald Trump presidential campaign.

Reporters from various news outlets have attempted to get a statement from Schlossberg; he offered no comment to PX-11:

And ran away from a New York Post reporter:

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