Driver sees a black object in the air, later finds a handgun lodged into his car

A man was driving on I-5 in Washington when he saw "a small black object in the air." He then heard it hitting the front of his car, but it didn't seem like a big deal. It wasn't until he stopped for gas 18 miles later that he noticed a handgun lodged snugly into his bumper.

According to the The Seattle Times:

"It's just crazy. It's a complete fluke it could happen," Trooper Guy Gill said of the incident.

The Patrol turned the gun over to Lakewood Police and detectives are investigating whether the gun — which was missing its magazine — was involved in a shooting at a park about an hour earlier, said Lt. Chris Lawler. No one was injured.

In his years as a trooper, Gill said he has seen vehicles hit by all kinds of debris on the freeway — bolts, tires, rocks, bits of steel — but never a firearm.

It's been a strange news day for guns. I'm not sure which is weirder, a handgun spearing a car, or a gun in an oven shooting bullets at his owner.

Image: Washington State Patrol