Sealing wax is easy to use and makes snail mail fun

Sealing wax is fun to play with. This weekend my daughter and I had a blast learning to use my signet ring to seal envelopes.

We ordered this 230 bead sealing wax kit last week, to fancy up some letters I had to send the kid at summer camp. The kit also came with a spoon and some tea candles. Unsurprisingly, there is not much more to sealing an envelope than that. Heat up the wax over a little tea candle, pour it on to the surface you want it affixed to, then seal away!

I found that waiting until the wax is just melted, when you can still see a bit of unmelted shape at the top of the puddle, was the right time to pour. I would then give the wax a five count or so before squishing in my ring. A count to ten and the ring would remove cleanly, without ruining the seal.

Two beads is the right amount of wax for my ring.

Mixing colors is really cool.

Hestya 230 Pieces Octagon Sealing Wax Beads Sticks with 2 Pieces Tea Candles and 1 Piece Wax Melting Spoon for Wax Stamp Sealing (12 Colors) via Amazom