Louis Vuitton Windows CE pocket computer on eBay

Louis Vuitton's Windows CE gadget was a misstep. Pocket PCs were unpopular gadgets of questionable utility even in their day: obsolete in a heartbeat and now draped with the comical stink of Microsoft at its nadir. It hardly speaks to the timeless quality a luxury brand wants to conjure, even as a promotional stocking stuffer.

As an artifact, though, what an oddity! I'd get it for sheer ironic magnitude – with a WiFi CF Card [Amazon] you should be able to get it online – but it's listed for $680, OBO and a Jornada 728 would be a better choice.

Perhaps Louis Vuitton should make a branded case for the Gemini PDA, a far classier (and more functional) expression of the ultra-mobile PC concept.