Chef shows how he eats for less than $25 a week

Eco chef Tom Hunt says the secret to eating well and cheap is to buy food in season and buy it in bulk. In this Guardian article, Hunt reveals his weekly and monthly lists, along with ovo-lacto vegetarian recipes such as "Porridge with roasted rhubarb, hazelnuts and molasses" and "Spiced rice, roasted broccoli, carrot and peanut salad." The photos of the dishes look tasty.

From The Guardian:

Affordability is a key element of what a sustainable diet looks like. I call my approach Root to Fruit eating. It is a philosophy that aims to make it easier for people to cook good food, blending a little chef's knowhow with academic research, and making it applicable to home cooks and professionals alike. My shopping list comes in at just over £18 a week – cheaper than the average national weekly spend per person of £24. Over a year, that's a saving of about £300 while still enjoying top-quality food (I buy everything from my local independent health-food shop or market, or organic items from the supermarket. Of course, if you need to bring the cost of your shopping down further, buy non-organic). I'm a vegetarian, so there is no meat on my shopping list, and eating less meat is certainly a good way of keeping costs down. However, if you are buying meat, opt for cheaper cuts of higher-welfare animals.

Image: YouTube