How to start developing your own games with Unity

Once dominated by triple-A studios with massive budgets, the game development landscape is changing, and now it's easier than ever for aspiring creators to make gaming hits all on their own—provided they start with the right training. Covering the game development process from start to finish, the Complete Unity Game Developer Bundle can get you up to speed with the essentials behind design, animation, and more, all for $39.

This 7-course collection dives deep into the Unity game engine, an industry-favorite tool that developers use to build their titles. Following along more than 200 lessons, you'll explore how Unity can be used to create massive game worlds, cinematic cutscenes, and playable human characters. You'll learn how to develop a complete 2D mobile game and even make it more profitable by integrating monetization techniques, like AdMob banner ads.

You can get your feet wet with Unity and work toward creating your own game with the Complete Unity Game Developer Bundle, on sale for $39 in the Boing Boing Store.