Trailer for Capernaum, a "neorealist movie" about street kids, slum life, modern slavery and migration

Lebanese director Nadine Labaki's Capernaum won this year's Cannes Jury Prize; it premiered in Lebanon this week and will be in North American cinemas starting December 14; It's a "neorealist movie" with an all-amateur cast that sheds some light on the life of outcasts: street children, inhabitants of slums, while tackling modern slavery and illegal immigration.

BanX writes, "The main protagonist Zain is a 12 year old Syrian refugee with no prior acting experience; he was illiterate when he started playing in this movie, spending his time wandering the streets in Beirut. Back in 2011, Labaki won People's Choice Award in Toronto International Film Festival about her film 'Where do we go now?' on women trying to ease religious tensions in a remote village."