The Stormtrooper Robot Vacuum is the droid you're looking for

One great use of the Force is chores – telekinetically, of course. Samsung may not exactly be the Force, per se, but they are at least making vacuuming a whole lot easier and more fun. Their POWERbot Star Wars Limited Edition Stormtrooper Robot Vacuum is just too cute not to order around.

Like Samsung's standard POWERbot, this geeky-clean version has an easy out-of-the-box set-up and charges up at a wall unit that plugs into a standard outlet. But power it on, and you'll instantly feel like Vader lording it over the troops. The Stormtrooper Robot Vacuum fires up with an enthusiastic "Let's go!" before launching into the "Star Wars" theme as it crawls along your soon-to-be clean floor. Armed with a Full View 2.0 sensor, it tracks down dirt as doggedly as the real thing tracks down rebels, moving easily under couches and grabbing particles in corners that other, circular vacuums can't. It detects different surface types and can optimize its suction accordingly. It even responds to commands in an appropriately Imperial way ("Freeze" for stop, for instance).

At a discounted $372, it's the nerdiest way to keep your floors spotless.