Ontario businesses want trumpy Doug Ford to kill leave for domestic abuse survivors, allow mandatory high heeled shoes

Ontario's "A Plan for Fair Workplaces and Better Jobs" (AKA Bill 148) legislates leave for domestic abuse survivors, provides for 10 days of paid emergency leave, three weeks paid vacation after five years' employment, and a ban on employers requiring their employees to wear high heels.

The Retail Council of Canada and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce have joined forces to lobby Ontario premier Doug Ford (previously), a laughable trumplefuck elected on promises to lower the cost of beer to $1 and to eliminate mentions of homosexuality from the provincial sex-ed curriculum (his dead brother, Rob, disgraced the province when, as Mayor of Toronto, he embarked on a series of drug-fueled, racist, misogynist escapades).

Ontario businesses are riding high, enjoying record profits and luxuriating in the recent news that Ford had killed the province's $15 minimum wage.

The previous rules only allowed workers to take five paid days. As part of Bill 148, employees or their children facing or experiencing violence can take an additional five days of paid leave on top of the previous five, and up to 15 weeks of unpaid leave.

The Retail Council of Canada is calling on Ford to cancel these changes and roll-back Bill 148. In a CBC article, they said the protections "were ill-considered, harmful to business".

…The Ontario Chamber of Commerce complained the government "jammed a bunch of things into a bill that are causing significant problems".

Ontario Business Lobby Calls Additional Domestic Abuse Leave, Other Rules "Harmful to Business", Begs Ford to Repeal It [North 49]

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