Horror movie monster garden 'gnomes'

Garden gnomes are great but, hey, it's October. Doesn't your yard (garden/stoop/desk) deserve something more seasonally appropriate?

Enter Casper and Sadie Revenant's handmade Garden Nightmares. They're kind of like garden gnomes but much scarier. Each one is inspired by famous horror flicks' bad guys.

They're not-officially-licensed creations so they have names like the "Springwood Terror – Nightmare" (read: "Freddy Krueger") or the "Crystal Lake Slasher" (Friday the 13th's "Jason Voorhees") or the "Texas Chainsaw Butcher" ("Leatherface") and so on.

The Garden Nightmare statues stand a foot tall and cost $55 each. They can be ordered from the RevenantFX website or from their Etsy shop.

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