Friday the 13th prequel series in the works

No matter how hard you try, the killers in slasher films just keep coming back. You could run them over 747, and they'd still shamble toward you with murderous intent with only 15 minutes left in the flick. Having slashers possess a veritable level of invincibility has become a standard for the genre, but Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees served as the dual origins of the trope. Between the two killers, the latter in Voorhees became such an unkillable killing machine that his later films eventually devolved into parodies of the genre itself. I mean, the dude went to space. It's hard to get more absurd than that. 

Unless, of course, they make Jason Takes Over Time.

According to Variety, Peacock is looking to bring the Friday the 13th series back down to Earth with a new prequel series called Crystal LakeI know it's inevitable, but if I don't hear a trap remix of ch-ch-ch-ah-ah-ah by Doja Cat and Future, I'm going to consider the entire project a waste. 

Peacock has given a straight-to-series order to a "Friday the 13th" prequel currently titled "Crystal Lake," Variety has learned.

Exact plot details are being kept under wraps, although it is described as an "expanded prequel." The show will be written by Bryan Fuller, who is also the showrunner and an executive producer. Victor Miller, who penned the original film in the franchise, will also executive produce along with Marc Toberoff, Rob Barsamian, and A24. A24 will also serve as the studio behind the series.