Master Python with this complete training package

Slithering along like its namesake, Python has woven itself into nearly every aspect of web development since its inception the late '80s. Flexible and readable, the possibilities of this programming language are nearly limitless – with the right understanding. And the quickest way to that understanding is the Ultimate Python Programmer's Bootcamp Bundle.

This comprehensive slate of six courses eases into the possibilities of Python quickly, with two lessons that will have beginners of any level able to write strings, functions, and variables in no time. Later lessons show how Python interacts with frameworks such as Ruby on Rails and PHP to build secure networks, or how coders can use time-savers like Django 2 on larger projects. By the end of the 45-hour bundle, you'll be solving practical exercises and building your own web apps from scratch.

Get hands-on with this crucial tool by picking up the Ultimate Python Programmer's Bootcamp Bundle, now a full 95% off the cost of the individual courses at $39.