Britons! Tell the UK government that the compulsory porn-viewing logs need compulsory privacy standards

The British government has decreed that adult sites must collect age-verification data on everyone who looks at material rated for 18-and-over viewing; this amounts to a database of the porn-viewing habits of every adult in the UK.

While this logging is compulsory, compliance with privacy protections is optional.

The Open Rights Group has a form where you can contact the government and demand that they make privacy protection mandatory and integral, not optional and an afterthought.

* We are grateful to the BBFC and the DCMS for recognising that Age Verification technology needs strong privacy protection.

* The BBFC’s voluntary privacy scheme is an improvement, but companies can simply ignore the guidance.

* Protecting the public’s digital privacy should not be optional. Strong privacy protections for Age Verification technology must be made compulsory.

* The implementation of Age Verification technology must be delayed until privacy protections are mandatory.

* Major data breaches make headlines on a regular basis. Strong privacy protection must be a priority, not an afterthought.

Making Age Verification privacy rules matter [Open Rights Group]