Houston's "inchworm bandits" create performance art while robbing restaurants on their bellies

CCTV footage from a wave of after-hours robberies in Houston has birthed a viral sensation, thanks to the robbers' tactic of commando-crawling on the floor, which has led to them being dubbed the "inchworm bandits."

It's possible they're doing this to avoid having their heights, gaits, and faces captured by security cameras, but it's also a fascinating piece of performance art.

They're almost certainly idiots, of course, because if they were any kind of geniuses they wouldn't be robbing pizza places for a few hundred bucks a pop. And whatever else they are, they're definitely crooks. But I don't want to totally rule out the possibility that these guys knew exactly where the cameras were in the place they were robbing, and just decided to do a ninja crawl across the floor because they thought it'd be funny if it made the news.

"Inchworm Bandits" Are Either Idiots or Comedy Geniuses
[Kevin Underhill/Lowering the Bar]