This piano learning technique gets you playing right away

If you gave up on playing the piano as a kid, don't despair. Things have come a long way since those drills that had you playing "Chopsticks" endlessly. Take Pianoforall, for instance. This innovative new system lets students play keys right away, learning the structure of the music by playing rhythm-style hits.

The 10-hour course is geared to beginners, but you won't stay at that level for long. Within the first series of lessons, you'll learn how to play hits by Billy Joel, Norah Jones and more – and as you do, you'll learn the music theory that underlies the structure of those songs. That provides a foundation for later lessons, where you'll learn other styles including blues, jazz and rock, not to mention the chords, inversions and other tools that will eventually have you writing and improvising your own songs.

Right now, you can pick up lifetime access to Pianoforall: The New Way To Learn Piano & Keyboard at a newly discounted rate of $10.99.