Become a Python expert with this coding class

Python has quickly become the go-to programming language for coders working on big projects, and for good reason. It excels in automation, making any task easier and helping companies realize high-level concepts like AI. People who can wrangle Python into those areas are in high demand, and the easiest way to learn the upper echelons of Python's potential is the Python Master Class Bundle.

Overall, this 10-course online package contains 58 hours of lectures and lessons. And while it starts at a beginner's walk-through, there are plenty of deep dives into Python's sexier applications. You'll learn how to use it in tandem with Flask for web development, and build your own games with the PyGame module. There are sections on graphing and data analysis, web programming, data mining - even an exhaustive course on machine learning.

Separately, these courses add up to $1066, but there's a special Pay What You Want deal for the Python Master Class Bundle - just bid and beat the average price to take home all 10 courses, but all bids come away with something.