Get your e-degree in DevOps with this training bundle

When businesses need big cloud projects done right, they need experts in DevOps. For the uninitiated, that's shorthand for the framework that allows development and operations teams to work together toward the same goal – not as independent departments with their own agendas. There's an arsenal of software that has cropped up to help in the workflow, and the Complete DevOps E-Degree Bundle is the easiest way to learn them all.

The six-course package includes a big-picture primer on the concepts that make DevOps work, then dives right in to show you how to install and manage a Linux framework. From there, you'll learn how to monitor it with Nagios and link up remote servers like RedHat, CentOS, and Ubuntu. Two entire courses are dedicated to the essential pieces of the development pipeline, including Jenkins, Ansible and Chef. All in all, it's more than 80 hours of reference materials and lessons, leading to a career-building e-degree in DevOps.

Lifetime access to the Complete DevOps E-Degree Bundle is currently $25, more than 85% off the MSRP.