Get a complete master class in coding for under $30

To an outsider, the world of computer programming can seem like it's rotating around the Tower of Babel at times. There are so many different languages, each one tailored to a different set of functionalities. You can be fluent at Javascript, but still won't be able to make heads or tails of Python. The problem is, your boss likely won't care about the difference. They'll just want the job to get done.

That's why the best education for an aspiring coder is a broad one. And from what we've seen, the  Complete Learn to Code Master Class Bonus Bundle is the broadest.

We're talking 11 different courses covering the most essential computer languages in use today. Let's walk you through the platforms it teaches, and how you can use them:

  • Google Go, also known as Golang. A layered language that's best for developing programs for CPUs with multiple cores.
  • Javascript, still one of the most widely-used web development tools out there.
  • Python, a language that started life as a time-saving automation tool but has evolved into the foundation for most machine learning.
  • C++, a general-purpose language that can build anything from video games to space probe guidance systems from the ground up.
  • Java, a versatile language that can still run on just about any platform.
  • PHP and MySQL, two essential pieces of background for anyone working in database development.
  • C# 7 and .NET Core 2.0, two beginner-friendly building blocks for games and apps.
  • Rust, a newcomer to the programming fold that boasts high program safety features.
  • Git, a software engineering language that's crucial for syncing up efforts among developers.
  • Perl, a patchwork language used for a variety of programming applications.
  • Ruby, a high-level programming tool that's nonetheless easy to use by beginners.

That's 13 different languages, all taught with an accessible approach that allows anyone to pick it up. After tackling each course, you'll get documents to certify your completion – all priceless highlights to any IT or programming resume.

All eleven courses in the Complete Learn to Code Master Class Bonus Bundle are $29, a drop from the previous sale price of $59.