Get these lightweight Bluetooth earbuds for over 70% off

Wireless headphones aren't a mind-bending thing anymore now that Apple made them the standard thing-to-be-outraged-over-in-the-new-iPhone fare, thereby killing the cool factor. But let's be reasonable here. Wires really are a pain when you're running, trying to get off the bus, or even just standing up from your desk. Wireless headphones make sense, they just don't always sound great. FRESHeBUDS is shifting the paradigm, however, with their Air Bluetooth 4.1 headphones.

Bluetooth 4.1 delivers crisper, clearer sound in the Airs, eliminating the spots and static that plague a lot of other wireless headphones. Their weather- and sweat-proof design are conducive to wearing in the rain or beneath the shameful amounts of sweat you expel on a run. You can even take calls on them when somebody gives you a reason to stop.

The FRESHeBUDS Air Bluetooth 4.1 Earbuds are currently 72% off at just $24.95.