Test your understanding of evolutionary psychology with this rigorous quiz

Evolutionary psychology is the idea that we can explain peoples' behaviors by making reference to the imagined lives of early hominids and also by finding animals whose behavior explains why it's not tenured professors' fault that they tried to have sex with their undergrads.

In Current Affairs, Lyta Gold presents a quick quiz that will test your knowledge of this important and in no-way-bullshit "science."

Lobsters' serotonin receptors are much like humans', to the point where lobsters can be affected by anti-depressants. Lobster social structure is hierarchical. What does this tell us about human beings and our innate need for hierarchy?

a. Human beings, like lobsters, desire to be ruled by a single Uberlobster, who reigns under the sea on a throne of barnacles and blood.

b. Human beings, like lobsters, desire to be eaten by a larger, more intelligent, and more mobile species. That's why I've set up radio beacons inviting alien gourmands to descend to our world and choose among us. Welcome, diners of the galaxy! I'm the meatiest!

Evolutionary Psychology Quiz [Lyta Gold/Current Affairs]

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(Image: CM Duffy)