Make your website look like a cyberpunk user interface

augmented-ui is a stylesheet (a javascript library is in beta testing) that lets you apply cyberpunk styles to your web designs. Just include it in your HTML and tweak your CSS classes and ids, and you're off to the cyber-races.

High Tech, Low Effort

augmented-ui is just CSS.

Futuristic, cyberpunk-inspired UI shaping for any element
Add the "augmented-ui" attribute to equip the augs, and a few CSS settings for each one to make it feel just right

Namespaced to avoid crossing wires.

All custom properties begin with "--aug-"
Selectors only use the "augmented-ui" attribute

Automatic fallbacks and feature detection.

Full support with v1.1.0+ has a global user reach of ~91%!
Great automatic fallback for older browsers (+ ~3.5% global reach). More details below!

Use augmented-ui in any project, for free.

Free :: BSD 2-Clause License

Open Source :: NPM  GitHub

Basically, a "get 45 degree corners without going completely insane" CSS framework with a killer pitch.