Boost your data analytics skills with this master class on Tableau

The field of data analytics can get intimidating, even for business professionals who constantly rely on it. But at its heart, its purpose is to simplify. To take mounds of information and distill their insights into a single clear picture.

Currently, the go-to software for painting that picture is Tableau. And if you want to use it to its fullest potential, there's no quicker way than the Mastering Tableau Certification Bundle.

Even if you're just diving into Tableau – or data analytics in general – this five-course package will have you wrangling datasets in no time. It focuses primarily on Tableau Desktop 10 and its ability to easily handle multiple streams of data, rendering them into intuitive (even interactive) charts and dashboards. In under 20 total hours, you'll learn how to create your own dashboards with practice sets, design effective visualizations and execute cross-database joins and other data prep essentials,

Right now, you can get lifetime access to the complete Mastering Tableau Certification Bundle for $25 today.