Glenlivet's marketing stunt: whiskey in lozenge form

Glenlivet capsules are edible, seaweed-derived pods filled with whiskey that you bite into.

It's pretty stupid.

First of all, you can't add a drop of water to bring the volatiles to the surface of the liquor.

Second of all, you can't sip it.

Third of all, whatever portability benefits can allegedly be derived from consuming whiskey in capsule form ("No glass needed," as Glenlivet has it) are wiped out by the need to keep these capsules in some kind of rigid container to keep them from being burst in your bag or pocket.

Glenlivet is a division of the booze monopolist Pernod Ricard, a faceless multinational conglomerate that also owns Chivas, Wiser's, Lamb's, Hiram Walker, Absolut, Dubonnet, Fuel, Ballantine's, Kahlua, Beefeater, Malibu, Tia Maria, Jacob's Creek, Jameson, Stolichnaya, Mumm, Pernod, Redbreast, Bushmills, and many others.

(via CNN)