Easily edit PDF files with the award-winning PDF Expert now on sale for 62% off

It's hard to find a web-based profession — or any profession, for that matter — that doesn't require you to deal with PDFs. They're universally recognized, they're used for tons of official documents, and they're stubbornly resistant to editing.

That's by design, of course. But technology always finds a workaround. And if you've got a Mac, your best hack, in this case, is PDF Expert.

With this award-winning software, PDFs become as malleable as a Word doc. You can easily edit any line of text, insert links or add signatures with a simple click or two. There's no longer the need to print out a file, sign your name, scan it and return it. This makes it invaluable for invoices, taxes and a host of other everyday documents.

it can even make longer PDFs infinitely more manageable by merging multiple pages into a single file that you can send across a range of devices. Even if the recipient doesn't own the software, they'll thank you for the time saver.

You can pick up a copy of PDF Expert for 62% off the original price today.