Check out these awesomely creepy puppets of microbial creatures

Judith Hope is a UK-based puppeteer who has created maneuverable art for theatre, festivals, parades, and more.

Most recently, she was hired to work on a show called "Microbodyssey," which describes itself as a "visual theatre experience for both adults and children that features puppetry, shadow theatre and an original score" about microbes and other invisible organisms.

And so, for this project, Hope has had the distinct pleasure of creating child-sized puppets of things like tardigrades:

And a bacteriophage:

And they're all weirdly fascinating!

You can check out more of these freakishly adorable puppets on Hope's Instagram, or you can check out the "Microbodyssey" touring show in the UK.

Tiny Organisms Escape Life Under a Microscope in Oversized Puppets by Judith Hope [Grace Ebert / This Is Colossal]

Image via Eden Pictures / Flickr