ABBA's "Dancing Queen" played on an antique organ

This Hooghuys organ is over 100 years old but that didn't stop self-proclaimed Hustler Alexey Rom from making it play pop music. To get this 1914 fairground organ to pump out ABBA's "Dancing Queen," Rom had to create a custom player scroll which is no easy feat!

His first viral organ hit was playing Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" (8.7M views and counting!) on a 1905 Marenghi organ. This is how he describes making that happen:

The arrangement was made in Ableton Live using MIDI and was then punched into the cardboard book using an automated punch.

I can only assume the process to make the scroll was similar for this organ.

You may remember this is the same guy who played Boney M's disco hit "Rasputin" on a 1905 Marenghi organ.

(The Awesomer)