No jail time for cop convicted of rape

A Texas police officer convicted of rape was sentenced to 10 years probation by a jury, reports The El Paso Times. He will serve 0 days in prison.

It was an emotional day in court, as the woman cried as she testified about the impact the incident has had on her life, while Alexander began crying when his children came into the courtroom.

The woman testified that she will forever be haunted by the sexual assault and that she is no longer the woman she once was.

El Paso Police Department Officer William Ollie Alexander was convited of sexually assaulting a woman after responding to a domestic violence call in West El Paso. According to reports, he dropped the woman off at a friend's house, began texting her, left work early to pick her up, took her to a dark area and raped her.

His defense lawyers, Dolph Quijano and Omar Carmona, argued that the woman was "mentally disraught due to fighting with her ex-boyfriend", that the text messages showed "she was willing to meet with the officer, including asking him for a ride," and that law enforcement officers face "the death sentence" in prison.

They didn't get him off the conviction, but they did get him lenient treatment: prosecutors had asked for 15 years' imprisonment. In addition to serving probation, Alexander will also pay a $10,000 fine and register as a sex offender.

"It doesn't matter how many years," attorney Omar Carmona said. "He will go to the penitentiary as [a] former police officer. He is going to be there with gang members. Yes, it's because of his actions, but remember any prison sentence is a death sentence

It's the new qualified immunity: cops are hated in prison, so they must never be sent there.