The Power8 Create Combo Tool Kit is like Optimus Prime invaded your workshop

If you're getting into home repair, woodworking or a whole bunch of those DIY dude-approved pastimes, you'll soon find that the need to assemble a vast array of power tools can quickly turn into a mild addiction…and an expensive one at that.

In most cases, each hyper-specialized tool can set you back $100, $200, $500 — or more. And once you've amassed this armada of tool power, you've still got to find space to house it all.

The folks at Power8 decided to address that issue with the Create+, an award-winning, multi-function power tool kit that could best be described as what might happen if your favorite workbench got with a Transformer.

Billed as the world's smallest combo tool kit (clocking in at 2 feet x1.5 feet and less than a foot high), this space-saving collection uses its clever Unigrip system to handle a wide range of power tool needs from a handful of customized power batteries and tool heads.

From its base configurations, your hammer drill, circular saw and orbital jigsaw Voltron up with the included bench-top to become a drill press, table saw and scroll saw. Heck, even your hands-free work light morphs into a lantern for smoother, more consistent lighting as you work.

Everything here is multi-purpose, which streamlines your need for more tools while also clearing a whole bunch of room in your workspace.

You can check out the feeling of owning a fully-stocked workshop with this eight-function garage helper, now $50 off its regular price, down to just $499.