TSA officer arrested for coercing a woman into showing her breasts

A former TSA officer, Johnathon Lomeli (22), has been charged with ordering a woman at LAX to show him her breasts by telling her it was for security reasons, reports the Associated Press. Lomeli is alleged to have asked the woman to pull back the top of her shirt so could he look at her bra, and to pull the waist of her pants from her body. He then allegedly told the woman he had to take her to a private room for additional screening, but when they got into the elevator he told the woman he was going to search her there. The woman said Lomeli told her "to show me your full breasts" and looked down her pants. He then told the woman she had nice breasts and that she was free to go.

Image: by U.S. Federal Government – http://www.tsa.gov/index.shtm, Public Domain, Link