Java is still the cornerstone of coding and this training can help get you started coding today

There's a school of thought that change and innovation is always inevitable in software programming. By that logic, a coding language like Java, which has been a backbone of the discipline since the 1990s, would be poised to give way to Python or Ruby or one of the host of newer, flashier programming languages currently en vogue with creators.

Yet, Java persists. Easy to learn, highly adaptable and a conveniently jumping-off point to learn lots of other coding protocols, Java remains a very in-demand skill set. And with Java developers still average salaries in the six-figure range, it's still an easy call to look into adding Java to any coder's bag of tricks.

The 2020 Complete Java Master Class Bundle is assembled to help students of any skill level, even first time Java users, get comfortable with the basics and start creating with this heritage language almost immediately.

Across seven courses and more than 62 hours of training, this package covers everything, from foundational learning to all the specialized Java uses that can make your resume truly sing.

Courses like Java: Beginning to Expert and What's New in Java 9 get first-time users up to speed or core Java elements as well as the latest iterations of the constantly growing language.

As you get into more Intermediate and Advanced Java Programming, your training will spotlight how Java works with other coding tools, like the web automation testing process with Selenium WebDriver with Java: Novice to Ninja; and understanding Java's most practical building tool in Apache Maven: A Practical Introduction.

And since app creation is at the heart of almost everything happening digitally these days, the courses Intro to Java for Android Development and Complete Java Masterclass: Become an Android App Developer walk young coders through how to conceive, build, then craft real working projects on the Android platform.

Courses in the bundle range in price from $50 up to $199, but by grabbing this entire collection now, you'll save hundreds, getting all seven courses for just $33.99.