This smart air purifier knows when your air quality is bad — and then fixes it for you

Yes, even air purifiers are smarter than people now. While you thought sucking particulates out of the air and generally scrubbing the breathable space in your home or office was responsibility enough, smart technology has moved into air purification — so now, purifiers can take on tasks they've never faced before.

The Wynd Essential is part of this opening wave of smart-enabled air purifiers — and it's easy to see why the size and versatility of this mighty little unit could make it a key item for those concerned about the air they breathe, a group which should include virtually everybody.

As a purifier alone, the Wynd Essential has its credentials intact. Initially funded by a Kickstarter campaign, the Wynd Essential sports a medical-grade filter based on materials used in hospitals. With a turbo-charged airflow designed by an MIT-trained rocket scientist, this filter generates over 9 liters of clean air per second and captures 99 percent of air particles over 0.3 microns. That includes everything from pollen and pet dander to bacteria and industrial pollution particulates.

The filter is also infused with silver, which kills organic organisms like mold and bacteria on contact.

The extreme portability is another of the Wynd Essential's major calling cards. Weighing less than a pound and no bigger than a water bottle, the whole unit can sit unobtrusively in virtually any environment from a car cup holder to your office to a baby's room. It also stores easily in a suitcase or travel bag when you're on the road, so you're ready to scrub the air whether you're traveling on a plane or staying in a hotel room.

With 8 hours of battery life, you can cleanse almost any room or living space whether before the Wynd Essential runs out of juice.

And once the Wynd Essential connects to the Wynd app, you have access to a whole extra level of cool smart functionality. The unit automatically connects to local official air quality stations and will adjust itself to clean air fast or slow to maintain a healthy environment. It will also alert you to any health dangers in your area.

With this current discount, you can save $20 off the price of a Wynd Essential Smart Personal Air Purifier right now, available for just $109.