All of Me is Illustrated celebrates the Ray Bradbury Centennial with a 21st Century take on "The Illustrated Man"

The release of All of Me is Illustrated, Stories by Ray Bradury, celebrates the author's Centennial with the stories, "The Illustrated Man," and "The Illustrated Woman," published together in a 272-page hardcover book featuring over 100 contemporary photographs of illustrated bodies by some of the leading tattoo artists of the 21st Century.

"Bradbury's tattooed-person tales embedded within this glorious parade of contemporary inked bodies breathes new life into his notions about how tattoo meanings can change, how the viewer of a tattoo can see something different from what the owner might have intended, and how psychology intersects with the desire to permanently inscribe one's skin." —from the Introduction by tattoo historian Anna Felicity Friedman

This is not merely a pairing of Bradbury stories sandwiched between a collection of garden variety tattoo photography. Photographer Peter Roessler invites an atypical intimacy between his subjects—or "collectors" as they're referenced in the book—and their viewers. The collectors featured among these pages are revealing more than the body; they're sharing the stories those bodies have to tell. As Friedman states in her introduction, it's the intersection of psychology and the desire to permanently inscribe not just one's skin, but in these cases the entire body, that ultimately makes this book so compelling.

All of Me is Illustrated is published by RosettaBooks in cooperation with Inked magazine. Featured artists include Paul Booth, Steve Butcher, Jessa Bigelow, Ryan Ashley Malarkey, Yomico Moreno, Andy Pho, TeeJ Poole, Duke Riley, DJ Tambe, Tatu Baby, Carlos Torres, Dmitry Troshin, Jess Yen and Popo Zhang, with photography by Peter Roessler. Select images are also available as signed and numbered fine art prints.