Become a master of Python programming with the help of this training bundle

You won't find many Python programming fans who aren't vocal Python programming fans. And after years of steadily rising up the list of the web's most popular programming disciplines, the user-friendly language notched a major milestone earlier this year, tying with Java as the second-most-used language among coders.

So why the steady rise toward the deepest part of programmers' hearts? It all comes back to the utility of Python and the key role that versatility has played in shaping some of the fastest expanding new fields in IT, particularly machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Obviously, rankings like this aren't etched in stone, but it's just another indicator that if Python coding isn't already in your IT skill set, it should be. Right now, you can leap into the Python fray with an intensive crash course into it all with The Absolute Python Programming Certification Bundle.

This three-course collection is a sound introduction for anyone who's never dealt with Python before, explaining all the basics before delving into more advanced areas that flesh out why it's become such a coding heavyweight.

Introduction to Python Training starts by building that familiarity, explaining why the all-purpose language has become such a favorite in web and app development This beginner-centric training outlines how to get started with Python, its most popular uses and some of the language's most central tools.

After understanding some of the math, flow controls, and file processing abilities of Python, the Python Data Analysis with NumPy and Pandas course expands that knowledge to see how significant Python libraries expand Python's usefulness. You may not understand exactly how NumPy or Pandas help restructures large data sets or how Matplotlib visualizes that process, but after this course, you'll have the exposure to data analysis at the heart of Python's most intriguing new applications.

Finally, Advanced Python Training brings everything together, offering new and returning users the training to sharpen their skills and actually use Python techniques usually reserved for the serious pros. From mapping and advanced sorting to expressions and databases, it's all here.

Each of these courses usually sells for $200 on their own, but right now, each is only about $10, just $29.99 for the whole bundle.


The Absolute Python Programming Certification Bundle – $29.99

Code with Python for $29.99