Learn cloud service administration in this 12-course bundle for just $40

In case you thought the world was in the midst of a vast migration to cloud-based computing, we hate to break it to you, but…it's already happened. Right now, 94 percent of all businesses and organizations use a cloud service. As for the operations of all those groups, 83 percent of their workload will be in the cloud this year.

But even with stats like those, you aren't wrong — the migration is still continuing. By 2023, the public cloud market is expected to be a $623 billion a year industry.

If you envision any type of career in IT, a knowledge of how to properly manage, protect and grow a cloud-based system should be foundational to that vision. And that doesn't just mean knowing industry leader Amazon Web Services (AWS). With instruction like The Complete 2020 Cloud Certification Training Bundle, you'll go inside AWS as well as Azure and other major cloud players to be a multi-platform performer for your organization, no matter where their operations hang their hat.

The bundle includes 12 courses that go deep into the advantages and features of each cloud environment, helping you determine which one will best serve your business' specific needs.

As the undisputed leader in cloud services, a full three-quarter of your coursework here revolves around Amazon's robust AWS platform. This training will not only help you understand all of AWS's terminologies, processes, and available options, but it will help you actually get started using Amazon S3 to store data, Route 53 to host your specific domains, and EC2 to find just the right scaling plan for your operation.

There's also specific AWS Solution Architect Certification Training to put you on the fast track to being certified as a true AWS expert.

But since AWS isn't the only game in town, courses featured in the bundle also delve into using Amazon's biggest competitor, Microsoft's Azure. Once you see how those two platforms stack up against each other, you can also get a full background in using GIT to track all system changes and updates, as well as Ansible for automating many of the administrative tasks required to keep a cloud network running smoothly.

For anyone with a curiosity for where business IT is headed, this $3,800 package of training, now reduced to just $39.99, is a satisfying way to understand it all.


The Complete 2020 Cloud Certification Training Bundle – $39.99

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