Looking to become a software engineer? Then you need to check out this all-in-one training

If you're looking to become a software engineer or it's an idea you've tossed around half-seriously, there may be no better time than now to take the leap. It's one of the fastest-growing, most in-demand roles already. And in the midst of the pandemic, between the extra hours you likely have in your day, and the added value of possessing a skill that can be utilized from anywhere in the world, remotely, it's not hard to see the benefit of diving in.

The Complete Introduction to Software Engineering Bundle is beginner-friendly, yet comprehensive. Over 24 hours, 13 courses, and 219 lessons, you'll learn the basics of programming, app development, electronics, and SEO to name a few.

Areas covered include Java, Ruby, Perl, Rust, the powerful JavaScript engine NodeJS, JavaScript framework library AngularJS, Google Go (the open-source language developed at Google to simplify programming tasks), an introduction to electronics for makers, building Private Blog Networks, making your first mobile app with PhoneGap dev framework, Lua programming for game modding, scripting, or library writing, building user interfaces with React Native, developing interactive sites that adapt to any device, and more.

Each course is created by an expert developer and a trained mentor in that area of expertise. And the entire bundle is produced by EDUmobile Academy, which was founded by Vishal Lamba, a mathematics and computer science graduate with experience in multiple areas of digital design, mobile development and design, web technologies and digital marketing. These are high-quality video training courses that offer real education. Take a look at what students are saying:

"This was an excellent course, it gave a very good overview of what was going on with each of the components, and gave the necessary math to make the understanding possible." – Bobby Claude

"Absolutely great starter video series for beginners just to start and feel comfortable! Thank you very much for this course! – G.C.

"He did use code run examples and they were good. I enjoyed the course and must now get into the additional resources that were indicated so I can further my LUA education!" – Tom Carroll

"Very easy to follow along. Clear concise explanations about how things fit together and flow." – Stephanie Robinson

This Complete Introduction to Software Engineering Bundle truly covers all you need to get started on a new career path and is available now at a savings of 95% for $59.99.