Combining memory foam with infrared recovery, this pillow might change how you sleep

For years, pillows were just pillows. They propped up your head and offered comfort during rest, then doubled as decorative items during the day. And that's really about as much thought as most people gave pillows for literally thousands of years.

But when science began understanding the true importance of sleep in everything from our physical performance and health to its role in regulating our mental condition, the role of our no. 1 sleep buddy, the pillow, was also opened to reevaluation.

Memory foam was created 50 years ago — and we haven't looked back on sleep technology since, innovating a whole new wave of pillow developments that no one would have dreamed of before. Those advances in the pillow arts bring us to the Ceramo Queen Pillow, which brings together a pair of scientific methods for ensuring a sound sleep as well as a sound mind and body.

The pillow itself contains that plush, luxurious air memory foam that stays cooler, better supports your head and shoulders and generally works wonders for sleepers, whether they slumber on their back, stomach or side.

However, the Ceramo is also infused with a bio-ceramic gel that's been found to have some pretty restorative effects on the body as well. In addition to diffusing heat and offering a cooler sleep, the gel returns that heat in the form of infrared energy.

Soaking in that radiant body heat while you sleep, the infrared has been found to improve circulation, boost oxygen levels to increase muscle and tissue strength, promote relaxation, reduce stress and even help soothe aching or inflamed joints.

Finding one pillow to satisfy all your comfort, mental and physiological needs is a tall order, but with the Ceramo's mix of elements, this one might just check a lot of those boxes you've been considering.

Usually priced at $79, the Ceramo Queen Pillow is on sale now at $20 off, only $59.95.