Getting groceries during COVID-19 maps perfectly onto Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey

Created by Mike Mccubbin, who also makes and sells comics and prints at Floating Head. Mike is currently reading Campbell's essay book Myths, Dreams, and Religion and was clearly inspired by his own perilous trek to that nether realm known as Whole Foods.
Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey, but it's just going to the store during COVID-19. The Call To Adventure: ran out of coffee beans. The Supernatural Aid: Hand Sanitizer (it's dangerous to go alone take this). The Threshold Guardians: Cats, probably. The Beginning of Transformation: Saw a guy in a gas mask. The Helper: Guy who crossed to the other sidewalk. The Mentor: friend who is obsessing. Challenges and Temptations: time to touch the shopping cart. The Helper: Google "Corona Virus(sic) Shopping Cart." The Revelation: Damn, what happened to the tortillas?! The Transformation: How about tortilla chips instead. No cilantro, accidentally get parsley. The Atonement: How many people have touched this card reader?! The Gift of the Goddess: Those Beans. The Return: Almost Home! Don't Touch Face! Wow so brave.

Image used with permission. Top image via Wikimedia Commons (CC 4.0).