Yogaia features live interactive online yoga courses that feel just like your neighborhood studio

These lockdowns are brutal on everybody. While many "essential" workers and locations remain in limited operation during this crisis, there are a few other places that many would argue should definitely be deemed essential.

Like the gym. Or your favorite yoga studio.

Sure, they might seem like luxuries, but considering the amount of tranquility and personal well-being that comes after a healthy yoga session, that time feels pretty darn necessary for lots of practitioners.

Even if your yoga guru is off the mat TFN, you can still experience the calming, spiritual nurturing effects of your daily yoga routine online with courses offered by Yogaia Interactive Yoga.

Launched in 2014, Yogaia is the world's first live interactive online yoga studio, featuring a stockpile of over 1,000 classes and workouts tuned to enhance both mind and body.

And when we say interactive, we mean it. Most courses have the option of enabling two-way cameras, so not only can you follow along with an instructor's course in real-time, that instructor can also see you, allowing them to assess your form or offer guidance when needed. If you feel like online courses often end up feeling detached and impersonal, a Yogaia class offers almost the same level of personal attention you'd receive at the studio down the street.

From yoga and meditation to pilates, stretching, foam rolling and more, courses range from 5-minute quickies to over an hour serving all skill levels from gentle beginners to advanced, rigorous pro sessions. Of course, even if you miss a class, you can catch up with a recording later to stay on track.

Yogaia has conducted more than 30,000 classes online with students numbering in the millions.

Meanwhile, all that content including the interactive live broadcasts and on-demand recordings are available via web, iOS, Android and Apple TV.

Even during these crazy times, you can always find a live or recorded class whenever you need to fit one into your schedule. A lifetime of access to all of Yogaia's courses is regularly a $399 value, but with the current offer you can save $100 and get your membership for only $299.


Yogaia Interactive Yoga Classes: Lifetime Subscription – $299

Yoga at home for $299