Earning your AWS certification is a good way to skyrocket your IT career

If you're already an IT pro or you're looking to make the move and become one, one of the best ways to boost your career is by getting certified in Amazon Web Services. And why's that? Because AWS—a variety of cloud computing products and services—is pretty much running the show behind the scenes. And by "the show" we mean "basically the whole internet." In fact, it's the third-largest enterprise software business in the world.

Both because you've likely got some spare hours on your hands and because the industry is booming, there's no better time than now to work on getting your piece of that pie with the help of the 2020 Ultimate AWS Certification Training Bundle.

Earning an AWS certification shows the world (or at least whoever's looking at your LinkedIn profile) that you're an expert in the space, which will help you stand out among job applicants when applying to new roles and put you in a better position to command a higher salary. For real. In a recent survey, 70% of AWS professionals interviewed reported a salary increase of up to 20% after earning their certifications.

Passing the exams isn't the easiest thing in the world though, which is why you'll benefit from the 249 lessons in this 6-course online training that includes content for absolute beginners with no prior experience and more advanced students. Go at your own pace through 89 hours of prep that includes an in-depth look at developing software and applications for AWS; the skill set, tools, and services needed for big data specializations; cloud concepts, security, architecture, pricing, and support; the advanced aspects of AWS for a systems operations administrator; what it takes to get certified as an associate solutions architect; and the principal concepts and practices behind the DevOps methodology.

The 2020 Ultimate AWS Certification Training Bundle, designed by iCollege is on sale now for $59.99, a savings of 78%.